I was hired by a Fortune 500 company.

Two years later I was having a baby.

The manager and head of my program told me that because of my decision to become a mother, my career was over, and that she was going to hire someone to replace me. My first day back from maternity leave, she threw me off my team, told me not to come back, cut me out of commissions, deals, assignments, crafted a smear campaign, bad mouthed me and said that I was a mother now, with a family and was too old. She buried me. Denied me the same treatment that my male counterparts have received. And that was only the beginning.

I was alone. I had no one who could relate. I longed for a community, a place where I could talk about what was happening to me, where I could share, ask questions, get advice on what I should do, but also be safe, and anonymous if I wanted to be.

I was more vulnerable in that moment than I’d ever been in my whole life. I’ve paid dearly for that vulnerability.

I wondered why there wasn’t a resource website to help a working mom like me. Was there was no one I could call, or write a letter to? Where could I turn for help, for solidarity? And why didn’t I have the answers to these questions?

This blog is my answer to that experience. We are here to give strength and community to those who need it. We want to create a resource, and a platform for pregnant and working moms to share and commune about their struggles, about facing pregnancy discrimination and harassment.

We mothers are the Strong Bellies Rising. It’s time we rise and lift ourselves up. Mothers face pregnancy discrimination and sexism in the workplace every day. Whether you were denied a stool to sit on, light duty reassignment, or accounts and promotions because you became pregnant and are now a mother, to a million other ways that we are discriminated against as mothers, this community is here for you.

We will be posting personal stories, thoughts, letters, videos, resources and advice as we receive it. This is a community of Strong Bellies Rising and supporting one another.

I hope you’ll join me here and share your voice. By standing together, we can support one another of discrimination. And that means progress.

Perhaps the most valuable lesson I’ve learned is that my voice matters. And if my voice matters, yours does too. The only thing we truly own is our story and sharing it empowers us. Let’s share our stories and rise up together. You are a Strong Belly Rising.